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Art Assignments for 4th Marking Period -

May 12,2020 Art Assignments for 4th Marking period


  • Students must go to the White Street School Web Page and click on Specials and then click on the Art Tab.You will find a List of Assignments to choose from.
  • I have posted many assignments, so students have a choice to do the ones that inspire them. Students may use any medium they have. (Pencil,Paint,Marker,Crayon,etc)
  • Students MUST submit Seven (7) assignments to receive credit for the 4th Marking Period.
  • Students Must submit on Class Dojo in Messages or Portfolio or My email address:



  • Students Should do the assignments they enjoy!
  • Students may do all seven (7) in one day or submit one a week till the end of the school year.Students have total flexibility as to when they complete the assignments.
  • Many families have asked if it is OK to do the assignments on the weekend and can they do them together?ABSOLUTELY!I Love seeing Family work!
  • I will notify parents through Dojo once they have completed seven assignments.



  • Students COULD Join us every Wednesday at 2:00 pm on Zoom.This is a time to ask and answer questions about any assignments and do some extra fun Art together. Click on the link to join us.
  • Students COULD continue to be creative following the lessons posted or do your own art and share with me.
  • Many students have submitted work that was not part of an assignment and receive credit for the work. Devone Davis in Class Dojo is a good example. The Hand Flowerpot.


My Goal through Art and these difficult times is to provide an activity that encourages creativity and allows for students to let go of what is happening around us and with schools.  We will return to school and we will be creative together again.  In the meantime, PLEASE Enjoy the Art Assignments and be as Creative as you like!  I look forward to hearing from you ALL!





ART ASSIGNMENTS (CHOOSE ANY SEVEN YOU LIKE)  Many Art Activities to choose from and packets to print.  Draw Kobe Eric Carle Museum tour the museum and answer the following questions: What is an Illustrator? And What did you Learn about Eric Carle?  Mati and Dada George Seurat Pointillism: What is Pointillism? Create a work of art that demonstrates Pointillism.

 A close up of a flower Description automatically generated  EXAMPLE Glass Sculpture Horse What did you learn about being a sculpture artist?  Fun Palm Art. Pick your favorites  Mother’s Day Mom Heart Using Shape Draw Pikachu!  How to Draw a cute Unicorn! Watch the Mati and Dada video and make your own Henri Matisse inspired collage. You may use any paper you have. Be Creative!


A picture containing text, appliance, refrigerator, covered Description automatically generated EXAMPLE Watch the Mati and Dada Video and Make your own mask inspired by Amedeo Modigliani.

A picture containing clothing, indoor, cup, sitting Description automatically generated  A close up of some shoes Description automatically generated  EXAMPLES

A close up of text on a whiteboard Description automatically generated  Draw a Lion and design with Pattern. Place your Lion in an Environment.

A close up of a sign Description automatically generated Draw a Puppy and fill in the speech bubble with what your puppy is thinking about. Be creative and design with pattern.


 A picture containing animal, indoor, stone, photo Description automatically generated  EXAMPLE

Assignment #1 -Practice Lines:    Line Types for Art Class | Line art lesson, Art lessons elementary ...  Then Choose your favorite line and create a work of art using words. You may repeat the same word such as LOVE, song Lyrics, or use words that describe how you are feeling.  Above is an example of my Frustration word spiral.

Assignment #2 – After practicing lines choose your favorite and create a work of art using that line only.  Draw the line in all directions.

Horizontal: Side to Side

Vertical: Up and Down



Diagonal: Leans



A close up of a building Description automatically generated STRAIGHT LINE EXAMPLE A close up of a logo Description automatically generated WAVY LINE EXAMPLE

A picture containing curtain Description automatically generated ZIG ZAG LINE EXAMPLE


A close up of a piece of paper Description automatically generated EXAMPLE: Create a Hand Flowerpot. Fill the Hand with words of encouragement and decorate with pattern and color.


Remember to post your work on Dojo or my email (above). I look forward to hearing from You!

 Mrs. Spiwak





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