First Grade
Dear families, 
First and foremost, we want you to know how much we miss having your child in front of us daily. As we move into this next phase of our academic participation through remote learning, we wanted to provide you with weekly activities that can assist with at home learning. We thought that providing you with weekly “bite sized” activities can help provide some structure for your day. 
The First Grade Team 

***Please make sure to check your child's class dojo daily for any new messages or announcements!***

Parent-Teacher Communication:

Beaudry, Kaitlyn (Room 4)

Hogue, Kaitlin (Room 13)

Jaskievic, Samantha (Room 14)

Kane, Lisa (Room 1)

Vazquez, Mariel (EL Support)

Walsh, Melissa (Reading Intervention)

  • Complete 20 minutes of iReady My Path learning daily.
  • Complete any assigned lessons in iReady weekly.
  • Watch the above link for "Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day". Talk about a bad day you have had. What was it like? How did it get better?



Start out with what you might need to create or complete the task. Think about the sequence of the steps. Be clear with the steps. Reread them to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Make sure you used words like, first, next, then and last. Double check that you have uppercase letters to start your sentences and punctuation to end them. 



How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

(Always a favorite in my house.)





How to brush your teeth.

(Twice a day!)



How to get dressed for school.

(Don’t forget, hopefully we will be back soon!)


  • Complete 20 minutes of daily My Path lessons in iReady.
  • Complete weekly assigned lessons in iReady.


Making teen numbers


Draw your teen numbers showing the tens and ones. Listen to the song while you are working.
Pin on Teaching


Counting by tens


Count by tens to 120. Then count by tens starting with each single digit.

(example: start with 2 and count on to 112. 2, 12, 22, 32, ,42, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92, 102, 112. You will be moving down the 120 chart.)


 Chalkboard 120 Chart Poster



Count to 120


Start with 1 and get to 120. Then count backwards to 120.


Chalkboard 120 Chart Poster


Sight word list
Sight Words:




Write your sight word 3 times.


Movement Activities!

See Below!


  • Sky Write- Students “finger-trace” and write the letters in the air with outstretched arms
  • Stand and Jump- While standing, students say and spell the sight word, jumping at each letter
  • Stomp– Students find a starting place in the house You say the target sight word, and students stomp as they spell each letter. You can also vary this game by having students ‘ice-skate’, hop, or tip-toe.
  • Jumping Jacks- Do a jumping jack for each letter of the word as the student spells the word aloud.
  • Blast Off- Start off crouching down and then move up a little with each letter you spell- BLAST OFF!






Write a sentence using each sight word.


Rainbow Write.


Write the letters of the words in different colors!

Free Choice! 

Pick one activity and do it again!



Click the "Introduction to Light" link to watch a video about light on Generation Genius. 
Before you watch the video, discuss what you already know about light and list some objects that give off light.

After the video, find transparent, translucent, and opaque objects in your home. 

Introduction to Light

Also check out this light project you can do at home:

If you need to login to Generation Genius: