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Science: Ms.Renee Thayer

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            Fun Science Activities!!

I hope you all have an amazing summer.  I would like to give you a science summer fun list to try to do over the summer.  See how many of these exciting experiments you and your family can try. 

  1. Make Ice Cream in a bag-
  2. Like rockets?Make epic bottle rocket see how far you can launch it

  3. Slime time:-
  4. Study Rocks | collect rocks and learn more about their hardness and their names.
  5. Make a solar oven for smores-
  6. Investigate flowers-
  7. Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles:
  8. Yum Make your own Rock candy:
  9. Watch seeds grow:
  10. Build your own simple motor:


Places to explore

Springfield Science Museum:

Ecotarium in Worchester:

Dinosaur footprint trail in Holyoke:


Great Science Websites.


Tired of being at home go on a virtual science fieldtrip.

Go to the tundra and learn about polar bears-

Go to Mars-

Cincinnati Zoo-

The Aquarium-

San Diego Zoo-

Smithsonian Zoo-