White Street School Remote Learning 2020

A Letter From the Principal:
Hello WSS Families and Welcome to our website!
We will use our website to provide your child with weekly academic work to complete as part of our remote learning.  We encourage all children to fully participate in order to keep progressing in their learning. 

Here is what your child should do:

-Visit their grade level website page every day.
-Complete all tasks listed by their teachers over the course of the week day by day.
-Students should complete assignments listed for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours per day spread out.  (See the recommended schedule below)
-If your child has questions they can email their teacher for help.

Here is how you can help as the parent:

-Establish a schedule at home that promotes academic engagement for all children in your home. (see below)
-Make your child complete all academic work provided by teachers.
-Oversee and monitor all screen time.
-Talk about the academic work from the teachers.
-Look over or help with the academic work.
-Read together.
-Sign up for White Street School Class Dojo!  Email your teacher for information on how.

Stay Healthy and Keep Learning!  Mrs. Conz and All White Street School Staff

Accommodating Your Child:
Accomodations (8).docx